Trustee Payments


Trustees Marshall and Hooper

Marilyn Marshall and Thomas Hooper allow for online payments as well via her E-Pay service. The registration process is extremely quick and easy. However, it is important to remember, if a bankruptcy payment is returned due to non-sufficient funds, you will no longer have access to E-Pay to make your bankruptcy payments.

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Trustee Stearns

Glenn Stearns’ online payments can be made via the TFS Billpay website.

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Trustees Rusin, Carrol, and Terry

For your convenience, the three Chapter 13 Trustees in Detroit use the TFS Billpay service to accommodate online payments.

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Trustee Bekofske

Trustee Bekofske, in Flint, does not use the TFS Billpay service, but does provide for online payments via his personal Online Payment Center.

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Trustee Weiner

Trustee Weiner provides for online payments to be made via his Online Payment System.

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Trustee Neidich

Trustee Neidich’s online payments can be made via the TFS Billpay website.

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